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Commit your work to the LORD,
and your plans will be established.

Proverbs 16:3

Above Down Success Coaching


Helping Chiropractors Bring Out the Best in Themselves!

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Dr. Neil Cohen Coaching

Dr. Neil Cohen

Coach. Author. Speaker.

A Hope Without End

A Hope Without End

 33 Days to a Healthier Mindset 

by Dr. Neil Cohen


Let's Take Your Practice to the Level!

  • Increase YOUR New Patient Acquisition

  • Increase YOUR Retention

  • Increase YOUR Collections

  • Increase YOUR Certainty

  • Ramp Up YOUR Communication Skills

  • Learn What YOUR School Didn’t Teach You

  • Pay YOUR Student Loan Debt in 3 Years

  • Have YOUR Patients say “YES” to Pre-Pays

  • APPLY Proven Marketing Strategies

There is Hope!

Serve More People

  • Impact More Lives!

  • Expand your reach and transform more lives in your community. Experience exponential growth by empowering others, by gaining an understanding of the Mission Mindset. 

  • Learn the foundational principles for building relationships, earning respect, and a trusted reputation in your community.

  • Increase your new patient acquisition, and patient retention.

  • Learn the 3 simple steps to get people to want you as their chiropractor. Fulfill your calling, and become influential, and passionate about serving once more!

Create More Wealth

  • It’s Time to Grow Your Practice!

  • Unlock Your Own Untapped Potential! 

  • Learn to apply the necessary strategies to increase income, allowing you to achieve financial success and the life you deserve.

  • Discover over 100 Principles, and just how to leverage, and combine these principles with your own unique God-given gifts.

  • With the right guidance, and mentorship you can gain financial freedom and flexibility, that not only sustains your lifestyle, but also allows you to invest in your future. 

Achieve More Freedom

  • Learn the 3 natural steps to achieve a healthy practice, and family-life balance.

  • Understanding the strategies to optimize delegation and streamlining in your practice and in your life.

  • Apply the principles successful businesses use to manage cash flow.

  • Learn the secret to becoming intentional about taking control of your money, and becoming debt free.

  • Live on your terms by gaining more time, more money, and regaining control over your life.

  • Pursue your passions, travel the world, or simply savor the moments that matter most in life.

Above Down Success is designed around 10 Mindset Success Strategies:
  • Leadership Skills
  • Practice Growth
  • Financial Health
  • Personal Development 
  • Professional Development
  • Relationship Building
  • Communication Skills
  • Platform Speaking
  • Confident Adjusting 
  • Chiropractic Philosophy
Above Down Success Coaching with Dr. Neil Cohen

In 30 minutes, see how we can help you.


Amazon Review

A Hope Without End

"Dr. Neil Cohen's book, "A Hope Without End: A Daily Devotional Tying in Scripture and the Principles of Chiropractic," is a remarkable!

This unique and thought-provoking book offers readers a daily dose of inspiration and guidance, drawing upon the wisdom of scripture and the foundational principles of chiropractic. From the very first page, Dr. Cohen's book immerses readers in a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, providing a perfect blend of scripture passages and reflections that resonate deeply with the principles of chiropractic.

Through his insightful commentary and reflections, Dr. Cohen demonstrates how the principles of chiropractic can be applied to our daily lives, enhancing not only our physical wellbeing but also our spiritual and emotional well-being. "A Hope Without End" is a truly exceptional book that offers a unique blend of spirituality and chiropractic principles, providing readers with daily inspiration, guidance, and a deeper understanding of the healing power within." ~ Health Doc

A Hope Without End

 33 Days to a Healthier Mindset 

by Dr. Neil Cohen


Hear what the trusted leaders in Chiropractic have to say!

"Dr. Neil Cohen is one of the most respected and accomplished chiropractors in our profession. 

For more than 30 years, Dr Neil Cohen has been practicing chiropractic with a level of dedication and commitment that few can match. A trusted mentor and leader in our field, he has made a significant impact on the chiropractic profession and has inspired countless individuals to pursue their passion in becoming a principled chiropractor. 

For the past 9 years I have had the pleasure of working side by side with Dr Cohen at Sherman College of Chiropractic. 

His unwavering dedication to God, family and chiropractic is
evident in everything he does."

~ Dr. Edwin Cordero 

"Dr. Cohen is the hardest worker I have ever seen.  He takes each person individually to make sure they get exactly what they need and that is what he is going to be doing with you if you sign up with him.  Just like I did, it works very well, one on one, and he is the best at doing that!"

~ Dr. Irene Gold

"Many times in my life I've needed some advice and guidance not just in business but in life itself.  Neil has always been there for me, advising me, and getting me to that next level.  Whether it has been spiritually, emotionally, in business, or just in straight friendship.  I've gone to him many times and he has always welcomed me with open arms.


If you are looking for a coach for your life or your business, I highly recommend Neil.  Not only is he a good friend and principled chiropractor but he is just an excellent man. 

Take yourself to that next level!"

~ Dr. John Minardi

In 30 minutes, see how we can help you.

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A Hope Without End

A Hope Without End

 33 Days to a Healthier Mindset 

by Dr. Neil Cohen


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