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About Dr. Neil Cohen

Dr. Neil Cohen is a 1986 graduate of Life Chiropractic College while under the leadership and inspiration of Dr. Sid Williams. The commitment and passion for the fervent dissemination of chiropractic from Dr. Sid sparked a flame in a younger Neil Cohen, that would set the stage to carve out a life purpose, and passion, that remains, and still lights the path for many, today.

With a love for the historical and pure philosophy of chiropractic Dr. Neil was blessed to master the communication skills necessary to deliver the core message, that empowers people to know, that by God’s design the body actually heals itself. For nearly 30 years in his South Florida practice Dr. Neil, and his life wife, Randi gained a reputation for loving people while witnessing many lives transform.

Dr. Neil's Background 

Above Down Success Coaching with Dr. Neil Cohen

In March of 2014 Dr. Neil Cohen was given the distinguished privilege to serve as the Executive Vice President of Sherman College of Chiropractic. Alongside the leadership of the past president, Dr. Edwin Cordero, Sherman College of Chiropractic grew into being the preeminent institution it is today. 

In nearly 10 years with the college, serving with an incredible team, Dr. Neil Cohen was given the opportunity, and a platform on 4 continents to lead, and to share his relentless commitment to protect, preserve and perpetuate the potential impact on humanity, only the chiropractic profession can hold.

Dr. Cohen’s leadership experience, relationship and speaking skills, along with his deep love for the chiropractic philosophy allows him to leverage his knowledge, so you can grow. Many in our profession are facing difficulties, trials, or serious challenges. It’s time we stop kidding ourselves and own the commitment we tell our patients to make…”to live clear, and be the best version of yourself.” 

ABOVE DOWN Success Coaching may be the adjustment to your life that God wants for you, your family and your practice.

Dr. Neil is a man of faith, and is unashamed to say, that Jesus Christ of scripture is his Savior. The foundation of his life is slowly being built on the understanding that our Maker, our Creator, the Living God gives to His children as a possession His Word, both living and active, so we may receive the blessings of obedience from the Finished Work of Christ, which is good news.

In a world of many coaches to choose from, ABOVE DOWN Success Coaching is not for everyone. It is designed to be a unique program, which has been carved out of 10 Success Strategies derived from biblical principles.

Above Down Success is designed around 10 primary Success Strategies: 

  • Leadership Skills

  • Practice Growth

  • Financial Health

  • Personal Development 

  • Professional Development

  • Relationship Building

  • Communication Skills

  • Platform Speaking

  • Confident Adjusting 

  • Chiropractic Philosophy

Schedule a Discovery Call with Dr. Neil Cohen, and see if ABOVE DOWN Success Coaching is a good fit for you.

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