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The Chiro Speaking Company

Elite Speaker Training with Roberto Monaco!


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Are you looking to overcome your fear of public speaking and gain the confidence to deliver presentations that influence others? If so, then this 10 Beliefs of a Master Presenter course is for you!


In this course, you'll learn the 10 essential beliefs of master presenters that will help you boost your confidence, overcome your fears, and deliver presentations that engage and persuade your audience. You'll also get practical tips and guidance on how to put these beliefs into practice.

Influencing From the Front

Exclusive Opportunity: CLICK HERE

How To Speak with Unstoppable Confidence, Improve Storytelling And Deliver Powerful Talks That Inspire People To Take Action!

When you attend the Influencing From The Front program you will:

  • Transform the way you feel about yourself as a speaker.

  • Start seeing yourself as an authority in your field.

  • Transform your practice and help more people than you ever thought possible.

  • Finally feel confident when speaking in public.

  • You will get excited to record videos and share them via social media

  • Develop a voice that is uniquely yours.

  • Be able to hold people's attention with your words, voice and body language

  • Look, sound, and feel like a confident speaker on stage.

  • Make your audience feel excited and motivated to become your customer

  • Deliver a world-class talks that generate new business and get referrals

  • Make a bigger impact in your community with your outside talks and videos

  • Learn how to tell powerful stories that will connect with your audience

  • Learn how to structure persuasive presentations

  • Get invited to speak at many organizations

Chiro Website Pro

Chiro Website Pro

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Custom Chiropractic Websites That Deliver New Patients

Dr. Neil Cohen has an exclusive partnership with The Chiro Website Pro.  Together, we're committed to sharing the gift, art, & blessing of chiropractic care one website at a time!

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