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A Hope Without End

A Hope Without End
33 Days to a Healthier Mindset

By Dr. Neil Cohen

This 33 Day Daily Devotional will artfully draw you in, with inspiring stories and encouragement, that will inevitably bring you closer to the nature of God. You will begin to discover, and then apply the practical, and reliable discipleship principles, that will only serve to benefit your professional, and your personal life. This book takes aim at God’s innumerable attributes, resulting in the knowledge of your unlimited Supply, and accessible Source for healing we all innately possess.

A Hope Without End is a daily inspirational journey that lays out essential mindset success tools, that will move you to a more satisfied life. You will reflect on your experiences, both past and present leading you to a greater degree of clarity, and understanding. You will gain a new perspective on how the tapestry of your life, your chiropractic practice, and your relationships carry profound meaning, and significance in God’s economy.

We all require a plumb line, and God’s Word is clearly that. The scripture declares “it is profitable for every good work”, whether it’s in chiropractic practice, or day to day life. See how God’s Living and Active Word can seamlessly begin to be your guide on a path toward joy, right thinking.

Divine viewpoint, on all occasions is far superior than our tapered human perspective. His ways remain higher than our ways. When we are given the proper lens to gaze through, it can become the means to realize the possibility of an enduring intellectual freedom, that leads to a life of fulfillment and success. This will drive you to a peace that surpasses all human understanding.

Enjoy the journey, and know that God's Truth is ALL Truth!

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